Bucks Off Road Sportive - a brief history

The Bucks Classic started off 17 years ago when, after members of the West Drayton Mountain Bike Club had taken part in the Hell of the North Cotswolds for a few years the club felt that there was a call for a similar event nearer to London.

As the event was going to be in the County of Buckinghamshire it was decided the event was going to be called the Bucks Classic, and was renamed in 2009 to the Bucks Off-Road Sportive. Although based on the Hell of the North the club wanted to improve on the HONC (as the event is popularly known) and the main problem club riders had with the HONC was the lack of directions arrows and the lack of singe track so that was the main priorities to find some more challenging trails and to mark the whole route, no mean feat when you go along 100 km of twisting bridleways and small lanes.

The event which is a mixture of stunning single track bridleways,byways and some quiet country lanes started off with one route of 30 km, which then rose to 40km, and then with the input of top route designer Steve Keating 100 km with two shorter versions of 70 kms and 30 kms. The event has grown over the years and moved its headquarters from the Denham Country Park to the near-by Martin Baker social club and now the Chiltern Sports and Social club which allows riders to shower and make use of a fully licensed bar as well as a cheap supply of refreshments.

The 10th anniversary event featured an even harder route as the full distance rose to 121 km which made the event one of the hardest off-road sportives, on the calendar. However, the club wants to encompass all standards so there were some shorter distances to choose from.

In 2008 the bar was raised further with the long distance raised to 132 km and then in 2015 150km.

Bucks Off Road Sportive - Sunday May 15th 2016

Well the BORS is over for another year, a big thank you to those that made the event happen, especially Wayne Cook for sorting the routes out, all the club members that helped out in any way and of course all the riders for turning up. It was certainly a long day for some the last riders coming in at 8 p.m. As always some others flew around the course and finished in very impressive times.

We were certainly lucky with the weather and the trails in the main were in very good condition.

Once we have managed to get all the signs down and collected we will have a scrum down and decide if we are going to run the event again next year and if so what the distances will be, certainly the longer distances seem to be the favourite distances for most.

There has been a few photos posted up on the clubs face book page and if your lucky you might be in one of them , check out the following link to check https://www.facebook.com/West-Drayton-Mountain-Bike-Club-27327170637/ also there has been a video made of the event if you wish to check this out follow the link https://www.facebook.com/events/205567383125712/259894517692998/

The results have also been completed and can be downloaded here a few peoples times are missing - if we have missed you feel free to let us know how you did and we will amend it.

So once again thanks for attending and look out for the next WDMBC promotion the Exposure Night of the Knobbly Tread race a short distance cross country race in the dark! Date to be confirmed but will be in the Autumn when the nights are drawing in.

Anyone who is local and wanting to join a thriving club that take part in all cycling activities both on and off road feel free to get in touch

Yours in sport

Chris Denman chris@westdraytonmbc.co.uk

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