Bucks off road sportive 2014: GPS data

The routes are now available in gpx format for all four distances. Please click on the link below to download the relevant route.

35km Bucks Off Road
77km Bucks Off Road
100km Bucks Off Road
132km Bucks Off Road

Bucks Off Road sportive 2014: Maps & Directions

The routes are also now available in pdf format for all four distances. Please click on the link below to download the relevant route.

35km Bucks Off Road - Map
77km Bucks Off Road - Map
100km Bucks Off Road - Map
132km Bucks Off Road - Map


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Pre entry at £20 closes on the 7th May

OK it will soon be the 11th May when we run our 16th Bucks Off Road Sportive, the distances this year are 35, 77, 100 and132 kms

The maps and GPX files will be on this site on the 5th May, we ask all riders to download these, as we will only have a limited supply at the event HQ.

We have our fingers crossed for good weather and the long range forecast was looking good so hopefully it will be short sleeves and shorts on the day.

Some of the tracks are going to be muddier than in the past due to the rain at the start of the year. However, most of the tracks have dried up but be prepared for the rides taking longer than normal. Anyone wishing to change the distance they wish to ride from the one they entered, having taken a weather check or fitness check can do so, however, if you are going to do one of the longer distances then make sure you start at the correct time for that distance. Anyone who wants to start at the earlier times and are “only” doing the shorter distances are welcome to start early

Start times, all riders will start at the shown time as below, we anticipate that by the top of the first bridleway the groups will have thinned out sufficiently to not cause any inconvenience to other users.

8:30-132km, 9.00- 100km, 9:30- 77km. 10-35 km

The event will be signposted with orange signs and the different distances will be clearly marked however we advise people to ensure they also follow the maps in case one of the signs has been removed.

On arriving at the HQ which this year is at the Chiltern Sports and social club, Maple Lodge Close, Rickmansworth , Herts WD3 9SN. Park following the marshals directions , sign on next to your name, pick your number up and you will be asked to provide an emergency telephone number just in the unlikely case we have to get in touch with someone for you. The HQ is close to a residential area please respect the locals and keep the noise levels at a reasonable level first thing in the morning

Your number will have an emergency contact number on for the HQ and also the website address of the photographer covering the event, if you wish to programme the emergency number in it will be 07760 270572 this will only be available on the day of the event

As always remember this is not a race please respect the other users of the bridleways that you meet on your travels, remember on bridleways horse have the right of way.

See you Sunday

Chris Denman

HQ is The Chiltern Sports & Social Club, Maple Cross, Maple Lodge Close, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 9SN

Any questions drop me an e-mail at chris@westdraytonmbc.co.uk